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You. You're not like the ordinary sorta Chiru fan, huh? You're built different. Tell me if this describes you: 


You don't just enjoy my content. You let it live rent-free in your head. Every time you see someone plastered under my paw or stickerfied beneath my ass, only one thought dominates your mind: God, I wish that were me. You'd give just about anything to belong to me, wouldn't you? 

Well, wouldn't you? That's the question, isn't it? How far does your devotion go? Am I just the object of your fantasies? Perhaps someone you admire? Or maybe a goddess, with you and your whole world at her feet? I could be all of these things and more.


Be honest: the thought totally turns you on, doesn't it? Don't worry. It turns me on, too! Fact is, I think it's high time the rest of the world got on board with your line of thinking. Here's your chance to show them the light.

Quit dreaming about it and sign up to join the Cult of Chiru. Walk the walk, start worshipping me the way I deserve. Each member of my cult will gain entry to my private temple on Discord, where you can commune with me one-on-one and tell me all those naughty things you're dying to say. It's totally free! You need only invite your new goddess into your life, and she'll graciously receive you as one of her chosen few.

To become a member of my Cult and embrace your new life as my acolyte, click here:

Chiru Demoness 2_edited.jpg

Still eager to serve me even more? Aren't we the faithful one? Well don't fret my devoted little acolytes. Ask and you shall receive! 

For the more-zealous among you, you can always show your commitment to your goddess with a donation. Every little bit helps me to keep on doing what I do and ensure the world is overtaken by an abundance of Chiru. And in all honesty, it just tickles me that folks love what I do that much!

Donate to Chiru

Like what I do? Or just want to throw some love a goddess' way? Tips and donations will always be super appreciated!


Thank you so much for supporting me!

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