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You. You're not like the ordinary sorta Chiru fan, huh? You're built different. Tell me if this describes you: 


You don't just enjoy my content. You let it live rent-free in your head. Every time you see someone plastered under my paw or stickerfied beneath my ass, only one thought dominates your mind: God, I wish that were me. You'd give just about anything to belong to me, wouldn't you? 

Well, wouldn't you? That's the question, isn't it? How far does your devotion go? Am I just the object of your fantasies? Perhaps someone you admire? Or maybe a goddess, with you and your whole world at her feet? I could be all of these things and more.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 12.44.30 PM.png


About the Character:

Picture this: Chaos--that is, good old-fashioned entropy--decides to stop winging it and actually put some intent behind tearing

everything to pieces. Why wait a bajillion years

for things to fall apart on their own, ya know?

Well, that's where your girl comes in. Just

think of me as a one-woman chaos machine,

equipped with whatever I need to get the job

done, in whatever form suits that job best. One

way or another, everything'll end up negated by

my tummy, my paws, or my butt--just a matter

of time. In the meantime, enjoy the view,

'cause chaos never looked so good...

About the Artist:

Howdy! When I'm not busy bringing my ego to 

life on the page, I'm watching old Disney movies,

cooking, replaying video games I beat decades

ago, and generally being a goofy 31-year-old

girly-girl. Aside from being Chiru for a living, I also

draw professionally for several merchandise

and video game companies. I went to college for

art and design, and found myself drawn to the 

furry community (pun intended) because like...

come on, look at me. I was built to rule over all 

you weirdoes, and you know it. In-person, I'm just

about as bubbly as you might imagine--only 

difference is, I'm 5'4'', not 50,400'. I'll still sit on 

you, though! Your face is mine...

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